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Acupuncture is a powerful, holistic, and gentle treatment for many emotional, physical, and mental health issues.

Acupuncture can reduce or eliminate depression, anxiety, trauma symptoms, stress, and emotional imbalances. We treat many physical issues including women’s and men’s hormonal issues and fertility, GI issues, chronic diseases, pain, illness, and more. If you’re looking for medication free treatment, acupuncture is a research based, highly effective treatment.


Megan is wonderful. I came to Megan from a friend referral. I had COVID related pneumonia. I had difficulty breathing and a lot of anxiety. I told her her that I was unable to get the phlegm out of my lungs. Megan calmed me down. She was so warm and calming. I had my first session on a Friday. The next day my nose started running and I was able to cough up the phlegm. My next session was on Monday, she asked me to lay on my back. The anxiety kicked in again. She calmed me down and suggested that we would try on the next session. This treatment continued to help with the pneumonia and I really could feel the difference. I am so thankful that I met Megan. She listens to me and I am no longer experiencing the anxiety. She helped me through a difficult time. She has those healing hands. I am thankful for that. She is a wonderful practitioner who knows her stuff.

                          ~ Delaine Abu-Bakr

"The principal aspect of the theory of acupuncture is that there are channels for the flow of vital energy among the vital blueprints that are the reservoir of the programs that run the biological functions of the organs. Meridians are channels for the flow of vital energy between the blueprints of organs.
Meridians are not physical channels at all, nor is anything physically moving through them. Because ultimately, vital energy is quantum in nature and therefore it is impossible to describe its movement via exact trajectories. 
Acupuncture works because the skin puncture is able to influence vital energy movements flowing through the meridians correlated to the physical body AND through interior connections within other meridians inside the body connecting the vital blueprints to organs."

Amit Goswami, PhD
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