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Reiki is the channeling of the life force of our world, for the purpose of energetic alignment and healing.

By tapping into the flow of energy that moves through everything in the universe, a Reiki practitioner can guide this energy to the places where your energy body and spirit are most in need. This energy provides the support needed for your own innate healing power to awaken.

Reiki healers essentially tap into your electromagnetic field in a way that prompts the body’s self-healing mechanisms. . Negative emotions, experiences, and patterns of thought, in particular, all contribute to disrupting our energy flow much more than we realize.  Reiki helps remove blockages and disruptions of energy. 

A gift from God. Megan has been blessed with healing hands. I am so grateful for her treatments. She is helping me in ways that words cannot explain. Thank you for your attentive care and extensive knowledge!

I recommend her services to anyone looking to free themselves of pain.
Thank you for healing your patients one session at a time. The world needs you!

~ Seon G.

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